About me

Yo wassup, I'm Chris Stinson. I think the best way to describe myself may be to simply say that I have a 'strong personality'. It would take quite a while to completely describe myself, if it could even be done at all, but I will do my best to give a brief summary of Chris Stinson.

I am smart, as can be seen in my grades. I am also very creative, and am adept at bringing my ideas into reality. I enjoy a good challenge, and am very competitive. I am outgoing and have very good social skills, and like to think of myself as somewhat of a leader. I am nearly always positive, largely because I am usually in a good mood. I am guided by a strong moral compass, and am kind and considerate of everyone.

I really do love sports, but I do more than only that in my free time. I read a fair bit ('Wheel of Time' series now - it's amazing), and hang out with my friends when I can. I love video games, and watch a fair amount of TV. I snowboard too, but not all that often.


last update: July 11, 2007