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Yo wassup, I'm Chris Stinson.

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I'm now a Brock University Badger.

Follow my team at Brock Basketball.

November 2008

I am a senior at Colonel By High School, in Ottawa, Canada. Though I know how to play on the perimeter, I am primarily a post player, on both my school team and on the Ottawa Guardsman. I am 6'5", 200 lbs, and an amazing basketball player. I'm strong and fast, with great hand-eye co-ordination.flyinghair I can dunk (two foot or one foot jump, either hand or two hands, straight away, reverse, or 360), rebound, and score in the post all day. I'm a good ball-handler and a great shooter, as well. I'm quick for my size, which allows me to play good, fundamental defense outside or in the post. I do enjoy shot blocking - and I'm good at it too - but I can focus more on forcing weak hand and taking charges if the referees start calling fouls. I follow the plays the coach gives and am adept at help defense, though I will not hesitate to improvise if need be. Most importantly, I am a very hard worker and I am always open to advice, be it from coaches, teammates, or anyone else.

I also play a number of sports other than basketball. I have played competitive baseball and hockey outside of school, and I still play volleyball, baseball, and track and field (400m dash and javelin) on the school varsity teams. In my Grade 10 year, Spring of 2006, I received the "junior male athlete of the year" award at my school. [Click on "Other Sports" up top for more information].

I am more than just an athlete, however. My current average at Colonel By (as of July 9, 2007) is 86.9% (straight A's), and I have received the Honour Society award in Grade 9, 10, and 11 so far. My work ethic and competitive nature both extend to academics.

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