I'm going to try my best to get the movies to play here, but no promises.  This is a bit too tricky for my lack of skills.
I think I've finally got it working, but the video quality is poor and it is likely to take several minutes to begin playing, especially MOVIR and craziness of laziness, since they are larger files.

 Mephisto and the Hounds of Hell

This movie tells the sad tale of the great battle between Mephisto and the Spirit of Easter.  Some will laugh, some will cry, some will shake their heads in shame and the rest will stare in openmouthed wonderment.
Narrated by the great Cabin, and starring Valerie as Mephisto, Chris as the Spirit of Easter, and Bailey and Ani appearing as the hounds of hell.


Movir is a touching movie based on the trials of a very young drug addict.  Chris takes the leading role as "the boy with a drug shooter" in this artistic movie, and Valerie and Lindsay star as the apparitions he encounters while on his way to discovering the truth.
A mysterious cloaked devil figure appears near the end confronting the boy, and shortly afterwards the issues are resolved in a shocking unexpected turn of events.

The Pansy Machine

Warning: may contain offensive or politically incorrect materials.  This is not in any way a social commentary, and the creators of this short movie stress the fact that they mean no offense to anyone and that they did not intend to be judgemental, they are simply immature kids with too much free time.
The film involves an encounter between a young scientist who has just developped a new machine that makes things change from pansyishness to unpansyishness, and a young man who is in a very unfortunate state of pansyness.

Stars Lindsay and Drew with guest appearances by Valerie the rhino and Bailey.

 Craziness of Laziness
(My 'Film')

Caution, this film is long and very strange.
Enter the inner workings of a mind on the edge of sanity, a peek into the mental processes of one who is so bored that falling off the bed is a passtime.
It contains clippings from other films shown here, however it is well worth a possible long loading time.
If nothing else, it is somewhat amusing.

By the way, its just a film, not an accurate representation of reality.  Please don't make the incorrect assumption that it is what my life is really like, because if my life were that freaky i would not be able to piece together a movie at all.

If you catch the many movie references within, you will win a prize.