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The Stinson Family Home Page

Ottawa, Canada


Welcome to our website

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Mike Sue
Valerie Chris
Kodos Bailey
Poopaw birds
left alienright alien
Kevin Cheryl
Marisa Kang
Ani Ben
fish Isaac

Our other websites:

Care to Dream

Sue's company, with a vision of empowering others to "care to dream" of living a life of joy, happiness and inner peace! Empowerment workshops to improve self-esteem, and natural products which support physical wellness, are available.

care to dream


A haunting and offbeat portal into Valerie's mind. Prepare to be assimilated.

valerie's site

Cheryl's volleyball site

The volleyball biography of our international athlete.

cheryl's site

Kevin's page

Some of the music and philosophy of the Stinson family poet.

kevin's site

Chris' basketball page

The basketball biography of a budding star.

chris' site


Unique and individualized web design, for personal and small business websites.

BlinkingBurro site