The Stinson Family -- meet the Members

Last update: 21 November 2008


The father of our Ottawa Stinson family, Mike is generally acknowledged by himself as one of the finest mini-putt golfers in the Ottawa area. Below, admiring throngs await his next shot. He works as a scientist in the Acoustics and Signal Processing group at the National Research Council of Canada and will be in charge of the 2013 International Congress on Acoustics.



Sue is the glue that keeps the family on track and together. She used to work at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ottawa as a registered nurse dealing with youth in crisis. Now she operates her own Care To Dream business. She has an online photo album, at Sue's Sanctuary.



Here's our oldest son, pictured below with Marisa. So big, so strong, so smart, but otherwise so much like his father. He has a degree in Philosophy from Carleton University, which may or may not correlate with his skill at poker (haha) and his musical talent (very creative, have a listen). This photo was taken on their departure for a summer of natural farming. A year ago, they were in Japan -- see their webnotes. Now, they live in Ottawa, Kevin working for the public service at Treasury Board.



Marisa is Kevin's wife. They have been married for over eight years, now. Wow! Despite being quite a bit shorter than Kevin, she is a lovely, caring and concerned person. When Kevin found her, he found himself. This picture was taken at Kevin's graduation from Carleton university. They were living in Japan, where Marisa taught English to doting Japanese students. Now they are back in Ottawa.



Our oldest daughter has now retired from competitive volleyball. She is working as an Assistant Coach for the Appalachian State University volleyball team. Go Mountaineers! She was with the Canadian national team for three years, and played professionally in Europe for four years. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech university, in computer science.



Valerie loves animals. She has had more pets than we can count. She was living with Ben and Poopaw in Guelph, but she moved back to Ottawa after graduating with a degree in Psychology. She is currently working in a human resources department of the Canadian Border Service Agency. She has quite an artistic flair as you can see at her personal website Sremsarodnn. This is Valerie looking pensive.



Still the baby of the family, even though he is a 6'5" monster of a man. Good at school, good at sports, hard-working and easy-going. Basketball is his main sport. This picture is from an MDP game in June 2005 that I like because of the flowing hair. He is now at Brock University, studying computer science and playing for their basketball time. You can check out his basketball website, although it is a bit out of date.



strictly speaking, Kang is not a member of our family. But since we usurped his helmet, and since there does seem to be a family resemblance, we've included him here.



Kodos is the female (can't you tell?) partner to Kang.



What sweet dogs! Bailey is the big, light brown dog on the left. He is supposedly a mix between a border collie and a golden retriever, but we're not so sure. The other dog is his friend Ani.



What sweet dogs! Ani is the big, black and white dog on the right. She belongs to Kevin and Maria, but she is living with us now at our ancestral home. She looks like she is part huskie, part lab, and who knows what else -- she is a cutey. The other dog is her friend Bailey.



Here is Valerie's dog, Ben. He is a sweet and lovable mutt. We think he was mistreated when young, because he didn't trust people much at first. He and Valerie formed an instant bond, though, and as he got to know the rest of the family, trust returned. He now lives in Ottawa with Valerie. He loves to come visit Bailey and Ani.



Poopaw is Valerie's cat. He is a cute and scrappy little guy. A disgusting name, but there was a disgusting incident behind the name. Poopaw now lives with his servants Mike, Sue and Chris. It took a while for the dogs to accept Poopaw without eating him, but they get along fairly well now.


The Birds

Squawk, squawk, squawk! These are our cockatiels. Shown, from left to right, are Odie (the son), Pika (the mother) and Pepper (the father). They belong to Valerie, but she couldn't take them with her to Guelph. Valerie has bred and raised several chicks (squawklings?) herself.


The Fish

Hmmm. What to say about the fish? They don't talk much, they don't do tricks. But it can be relaxing to watch them. A few of them are in this picture, in the fish tank at the far side of the room. Meanwhile, more visible are the legged creatures who are, from left to right, Sue, Ani, Ben, Chris and Bailey.



Sir Isaac Newton. Apparently, he is somewhere in our family tree. I don't really see a family resemblance, probably Kang comes closer in looks, but that is the story we hear from older relatives.

isaac newton

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