Other sports

Basketball isn't all I do. Here I'll tell you about my other interests.


In spring last year (2006), I made it to OFSAA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations) in javelin. I came 14th in the province - with only a bit of informal training. I didn't make it far in the 400m, but I was inches away from making OFSAA in shotput. It was soon after returning from OFSAA that I received the Junior Athlete of the Year award.

Watch me throw the javelin (it's a pretty big file, so the video may hesitate somewhat the first time you play it):

alternate MPEG version (6.7MB)


My volleyball team this year (2006-2007) also made it to OFSAA. We went undefeated in the season, and placed fifth in OFSAA.

I play house league hockey (non-competitive), and though I am not nearly as good a player in hockey as I am in my other sports, it is still one of my favourite pastimes in the winter.


In spring of 2004, my baseball team (Gloucester Athletics) and I travelled to Coquitlam, BC, to compete in the Canadian National Championships. We lost to Regina in the finals, coming second in the country. I played center field, and I still do, on Colonel By's school team.


last update: July 11, 2007